Membership to the Trinity Trail Preservation Association (TTPA) brings many benefits. You meet wonderful people who share your love of horses and trail riding. You expand your social network and meet new friends.

However, did you know that many businesses in the area also provide discounts to TTPA members?

For example, Lucas Foods – the gas station on the corner of Lucas Road and Country Club – offers TTPA members discounts on equine and dog food. Lucas Food gives you $2 off a bag of Purina Dog Food and $4 off with a free bag for every 10 bags purchased of Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food.

On horse feed, they give you $1 off for every bag of equine
feed up to $100.

Something else you might not know is that the Lucas Food store will special order food if they don’t currently carry the type of feed you want.

Thank you Lucas Foods for your generous support of TTPA.