Hi all, I’m at home recovering from surgery so I am living vicariously through you. I just wanted to let you know everything is going well and I’ll be back in the saddle in about 6 weeks. I’d love to here your stories of tomorrow night’s ride if the weather holds.

Near the FM 3286 bridge we got about one inch of rain last night so I think the trail will soak it up quickly. This is my first blog here so forgive me if the format doesn’t seem right. A group of us rode the trail from our area south to Brockdale Sunday and had a great time. Moonshine was gaiting well.

We found that there was blockage on the unofficial lower trail just north of the FM 3286 bridge. A storm came through and twisted and broke several fairly large trees which have obstructed the trail. Carole Kowitt and I went back Sunday afternoon and cut a crude alternative path through the rubble.

Watch for the stake fashioned as an arrow to tell you where to turn. As soon as I can get the pictures of the trees downloaded, I will post them. We also talked to the construction forman for the Blackland Prairie Rehabilitation Center and they are making great progress on the bird cages for rehabbing.

They have moved two trailers onto the site temporarily and are renovating them for an office and a bird hospital while they build a permanent building. They had boy scouts out cleaning up the area which will eventually be a public information area. They have promised us a visit before they close the rehab center to the public and horses.

The birds cannot have human or horse contact while in rehabilitation. Paul, the forman, said that they could plan a “bird release” at one of our events in the future. How cool is that?