I wanted to pass on some information I just heard about that might be of interest to TTPA members. This is provided strictly as informational, I’m not promoting this facility, I’m just passing on information about a new developmement that will adjoin the Trinity Trail.

A few years ago there were plans to build a equestrian development on Snider Lane that would have direct access to the 25 mile Trinity Trail. Unfortunately that development fell through. The good news is that a new group is putting together new plans for the same 149 acre site to develop a full up equestrian community with 18 lots ranging from 2-20 acres. There are plans for covered and outdoor arenas, jump courses, and a complete equestrian facility with trainers, instructors, etc.

Currently there are three lots available. The available lots are 6.45 acres and are priced at $31,000 an acre.

It took me years to find my place adjacent to the trail and I’ve had many members mention to me how they too would like a place adjacent to the trails, so when I heard about this development I thought I’d share the information. If you want additional information, call Jean Schooping at 972-562-6518.