Horse Parade

Good news. There will be horse parades in North Texas for the 4th of July this year. Plan to decorate yourself and your horse in red, white, and blue. The parades are great fun for both the participants and spectators. A parade isn’t a real parade without horses.

Here’s the scoop on the parades straight from TTPA Parade Chair Tracy Matern. Below is the schedule for the 4th of July parades in North Texas that include horses:

July 3rd – Saturday

Weston Parade start 10 AM Judging 9 AM
Staging in field near intersection of 543 and 455.

Melissa Parade start 6 PM Line Up 5:30 PM
Lighted parade
Theme “Hometown Heroes”
Registration form required and $5 fee. I sent in the registration.
Staging is usually behind Cardinal Stadium on Cardinal Drive.

July 4th – Sunday

McKinney Parade start 1:30 PM Check in by 12 noon.
Theme: Red, White and BOOM!
Staging at former Collin County Court house Parking Lot.
Henry St and S. Tennessee St.
First time they are letting horses participate!
Registration form and $25 fee.

No parade in Royce City this year

Please let Tracy know which parades you plan on attending. ESPECIALLY, please let her know by tomorrow (Wednesday) if you are interested in being in the McKinney parade. Given its time of day, Tracy will not plan to send in the money or to go unless people are interested in participating. Tracy must have the registration form and money in by Friday.

We will ride under the TTPA registration. Tracy would love to have banner carriers for each parade—two per parade—so involve your non-horse-riding friends or relatives.

Here is Tracy’s contact information:
Tracy Matern
TTPA Parade Chairman
bobtracy at
214-495-7493 home
214-392-2288 cell

Want some tips on riding in a parade? Check out our article on preparing your horse for a parade.